On the sixth season of TLC’s My 600-lb Life, viewers watched as L.B. Bonner impressively dropped half of his 650-lb. frame. Despite being an amputee, L.B. was optimistic and hard-working, and he quickly became a fan favorite, with viewers continuing to follow his weight loss journey after the show ended — but now, L.B. claims he’s no longer able to share photos or videos of his body progress.

“What do y’all think about the meal prep ideas/ recipes?? I want to find a way to continue sharing things with y’all, but I can’t do anymore update pics or Facebook live videos…” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Just trying to find things and ways to stay connected… I’ll be releasing my chicken meal prep meal from today later on…” Fans were disappointed to say the least, and many asked him why he was suddenly following a new set of social media rules. “Certain ‘people’ don’t like how open I was about things on the Facebook live videos and posting pics,” he replied. “The network has some strict guidelines and I guess I pushed my boundaries a little too much, so they told me no more live videos or up to date pictures.”

l.b. bonner facebook

The star hasn’t shared a selfie since April 27, though he’s continued to post photos of his healthy meals, grocery lists, and meal preparation. He also revealed that he might start a “YouTube Vlog/Cooking/Post WLS type channel” after his “contract is up.” However, L.B. hinted that he may actually be in front on the camera sooner rather than later. When one fan asked if he would be appearing on a future episode, he replied, “I can’t confirm or deny that,” and added a winky-face emoji. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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