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Before They Made Layers a Look, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Vacay Style Was Everything

Pack your bags, because we're going on a sartorial journey with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Before they were running their fashion empire (or back when they were starting out with Walmart), the Olsen twins made a career out of traveling the world. You know, in a straight-to-video movie kind of way. And whether they were avoiding their ambassador grandfather in Passport to Paris or dodging assassins in Our Lips are Sealed, the Olsens did it with a very of-the-time sense of style. And of course, no movie epitomizes Olsen twin vacation fashion quite like Holiday in the Sun, which sadly is not available online.

What's especially interesting though is that even among the most questionable looks of the early aughts, the twins were major trendsetters. Sometimes their clothes even got a little prophetic — you can see the origins of Mary-Kate and Ashley's current bundled up look as early as Winning London. All their outfits were missing was a pack or two of cigarettes and a Starbucks drink the size of their head and it would be very 2018 MK & A.

Anyway, let's throw it back and take ourselves on a stop to Rome while we're at it. Below, some of Mary-Kate and Ashley's memorable movie looks.