No matter how much they insist on being Mary-Kate and Ashley, two independent women separated by differing brands of cigarettes and one geriatric husband, the Olsen Twins are a matching pair down to their coordinated outfits. And yes, even today. We know that you're thinking back to the days of "Brother For Sale," and those were truly the peak days of not being able to tell who was the cute one. But when the designers both stepped out at the Youth America Grand Prix "Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow" gala in turtlenecks and pleated skirts, it was became crystal clear that the girls weren't done dressing like one singular brand. And yet we owe Mary-Kate and Ashley their personhood, a way of distinguishing them as individuals deserving of respect.

So let's have at it: who wore it best?

OK, Mary-Kate always wears it best when it comes to a showdown of separate outfits. That's a no-brainer. Yet when MK & A have on the same outfit, who is more inclined to rock it and who is more inclined to be Ashley? We had to find out. So for your consideration, we analyzed a series of matching Olsen twins looks over the last three decades and judged accordingly. Click through our gallery to see which Olsen looks best in their twinning ensembles.