Back in the early-2ks, drama was Paris Hilton‘s bread and butter, but surely she’s outgrown that by now, right? Wrong. On July 18, ~2018~ Paris was getting a bit nostalgic herself watching throwback videos on an Instagram account called @Paris2000s. Perhaps that’s why she decided to take a swipe at her old frenemy Lindsay Lohan — for old time’s sake!

The account posted the infamous videos of Lindsay first accusing Paris of hitting her and spilling a drink on her, and then later saying “everyone lies” and insisting Paris was her friend and it never really happened. Paris responded in the comments with a laughing emoji and the hashtag “pathological liar.”


Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan hang out at a friend’s birthday in 2005.

Some fans didn’t like the petty comment at all. “It’s actually pretty pathetic that @parishilton cant let go and stop trying to publicly cut [Lindsay] down,” said one commenter. Another agreed writing, “it’s a publicity act to make/keep herself relevant.”

However, most fans were just thrilled to see this old feud rearing it’s ugly head once again. “Just sitting here reliving my 20s with this amazing post,” said one fan. “Simpler times,” reminisced another. “I am so f’ing PISSED stuff like this doesn’t happen anymore. Wtf,” said a third.

That’s true, we don’t see blatant drama like that anymore, as celebrities try not to talk about feuds so fans have to dig through RTs and likes to find the tea. Even Paris and Lindsay have moved on from those times. While Lindsay is living in London and working on her big comeback, Paris is engaged to be married and enjoying touring the world as a DJ.