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That's HotParis Hilton’s Undying Pink Obsession Proves She’s Our Generation’s IRL Barbie

These days, whenever I conjure up the image of reality star OG and living meme Paris Hilton, I tend to see diamond chokers, tiny dogs, and a glow of pink. Like, Paris has been for sure having a moment recently and I think that resurgence is about embracing the hue in all of its different shades, baby pink (ha) to hot pink and back again. And look, she takes a sabbatical with the color from time to time, substituting for something shiny and delightfully glam. Eventually, though, pink boomerangs into her feed with a new intensity and with new accessories. Pair that with the blonde hair, tan skin, and cotton candy-colored convertibles, Paris is basically IRL Barbie.

And should that be at all shocking? After all, when Paris wished Barbie a happy birthday (yes, you read that sentence correctly) she called the doll her "idol & inspiration since I was a little girl." It seems, however, that the student has surpassed the master considering how Miss Hilton has completely supersaturated her life with Barbie's signature hue. Paris has really made that sort of unapologetic hyperfeminity a part of her brand and identity, and the embossed it in Swarovski crystals for good measure. Below, just some of the receipts of Paris Hilton's pinkified existence.