Playboy Playmate Kennedy Summers has ended her engagement to Utah Jazz player Jeff Withey just three months after he popped the question.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old accused her then-boyfriend of cheating, writing on Twitter, "Could I please just once date a guy who isn't f–king hoes on Tinder while we're dating."

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She also posted a photo of herself to Jeff's Instagram and Facebook accounts, captioning the pic, "I cheated on this girl. I told my girlfriend I was going to the movies alone last night and then found this receipt. I also shouldn't have given her my Instagram password like a dumba–."

kennedy summers jeff withey getty images

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the NBA star, 26, wrote, "News outlets keep saying that I 'allegedly' cheated on my ex fiancée Kennedy Summers. Let me just make it very clear. I never cheated!!"

Kennedy's rep confirmed that social media played a role in the couple's split. "While it has its many pros, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can also create many issues within a relationship. The negative effects of social media have claimed yet another couple," he said.

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