They are really honoring their father’s memory! Michael Jackson’s oldest children Paris and Prince Jackson hosted the “Costume for a Cause” Halloween party at the Jackson family home. This is the second year that the event was held and it was to benefit the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation as well as Heal LA, an organization that Prince co-founded as a tribute to his father’s organization Heal the World. Watch the video below to hear what Prince had to say about the Halloween bash!

Prince, 20, was clearly inspired to give back to the community and he opened up to Life & Style about continuing his father’s legacy. “It’s going to be a great night tonight, we’re hoping to scare a lot of people and raise a lot of money,” Prince said at the party. “I’m inspired by my father so we went to Heal LA because we are really just students, and we have a much smaller platform than my dad did. We’re hoping to lead by example as students, going out there to make a change, to try and work with something and that’s why we’re starting with Heal LA [rather than Heal the World].”

The party was a weekend-long event and had A-list attendees. It had three different haunted mazes that were masterminded by Michael’s youngest son Blanket. The mazes went all throughout the family’s property and even through Michael’s recording studio. Though Blanket, 15, has remained out of the spotlight, not making an appearance on the red carpet with his siblings, Paris and Prince have been in the spotlight much more recently.

Just days ago, the brother-sister duo attended a gala for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation where they walked the red carpet hand-in-hand with huge smiles on their faces. And, of course, Prince presented an award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and took the opportunity to send a sweet message to his late pop icon father.

“I think it’s an honor to be here because I’m proud of the success my father created on his own and what he worked and built himself up to be,” he told E! News. “To see everybody here that is either inspired by him or they want to pursue the same goal, it’s inspiring to me and to future generations.” We’re sure your father would be proud, Prince!