Healing through the heartbreak. If you’ve been watching Season 5 of Married to Medicine, you’re well aware that Quad Webb-Lunceford has been hit hard with the emotional pain of witnessing her marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford fall apart. Though it’s been a particularly trying time for the TV personality, she is hoping to empower other women by sharing her marital struggles. Check out Quad’s exclusive interview with Life & Style in the video below!

“I’m hoping that me being vulnerable shows them that there’s strength in vulnerability. I hope that they say, ‘You know what? Wow, I thought I was the only person that was going through this. But now I see Miss Quad is up against the same thing. She has the same challenges,'” Quad said. “And then they can see some of the ways in which I’ve tried to work through certain things with my husband.”

Asked to pinpoint the biggest problem in her marriage to Gregory, Quad — who tied the knot with the psychiatrist in 2012 — revealed that there is a devastatingly low level of communication and, as a result, she has developed a severe sense of loneliness. “It’s wanting to feel loved, respected, appreciated, and honored. I don’t feel those things. And it hurts,” the Bravolebrity explained. “So those are the things that I really, really, really hope soon that my husband gets. It’s actually really common. It’s what everyone wants in a relationship. Marriage should be where you feel safe and you feel that you are working together, and you’re one.”

Quad went on to tell Life & Style that she has tried everything in her power to bring her failing marriage back to life. “We’ve tried marital counseling. I’ve bought books for us. I have written things down. I have also tried to lead by example. And now, you’ll see in the show that we have a marital focus group that we are apart of,” she said. “So I’m literally trying everything that I can to salvage my marriage.”

The former medical sales representative added, “I’ve been with my husband now for 10 years and married to him for six. That’s a long time vested, but I will say this: It doesn’t matter the time that’s spent if it hasn’t been a time of happiness.”

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Quad and Gregory during happier times in 2014. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

While Quad is optimistic that fans can relate to — and learn from — what she calls her “harsh reality,” her story line has unfortunately made her an easy target for online trolls. “I’ve heard things like I used my husband for a come-up. And I’m like, ‘Guys, can we not remember that Season 1 I was in medical sales?’ I was already Quad and working and being an independent woman,” she said. “So those things are extremely hurtful. And I hear things like I’m sterile, I can’t have a baby, and I didn’t tell my husband that. I hear people say, ‘She just doesn’t want to mess up her physique. That’s why she hasn’t had a baby.'”

Contrarily, Quad still has dreams of becoming a mother. However, she would never want to welcome a baby into a toxic situation. “I want to have a child, absolutely. But the deal is this. And I think anyone with a sound mind would make the decision that I’m making, which is right now refusing to have a child under the circumstances under which my marriage is,” she told Life & Style. “It’s unfair because you want to be able to give your kid the best not only financially, economically or what-not; you want to be able to give them the best emotionally. And I just don’t think that environment in which we are living right now is conducive to actually having a child.”

Despite the woeful state of her marriage, Quad has somehow managed to maintain an upbeat attitude. According to the multi-hyphenate, she has found immense joy in her career — and has been keeping her spirits up by working harder than ever. She currently has her hands full as a reality star, BCBG brand contributor, Sister Circle co-host, chef, and author.

“Although things are going wrong and extremely horrific in my marriage, I found happiness in my career. I found happiness as I have expanded my brand and now I’m working on my cookbook, Romance on the Table,” Quad said. “This is all that I have. And if I ever let that leave me, then I am nothing more than an empty hollow shell. And I can’t be that. People love my happiness. I sell my happiness. I sell being fun and jovial. This is a part of my personality. This is also the part of my personality that has catapulted me to where I am today. I can’t lose my No. 1 commodity.”

So the question remains: Will Miss Quad file for divorce if she can’t revive the happiness within her marriage to Gregory? “Ooh, I hate that word. That’s a very tough question to even answer right now. Sometimes I think there’s a beacon of hope there. And then other times, I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall,” she told Life & Style. “Sometimes I am very loyal and I stay in things probably a little bit too long. That’s just who I am.”

Married to Medicine airs on Bravo Fridays at 9 p.m. EST.