When it comes to beloved Hollywood couples, Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds clearly are the frontrunners.

The couple, who wed in 2012 and have two precious daughters Ines and James, are normally a private couple. So, when they do give fans a glimpse into their relationship, it's that much more special.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Blake revealed that the secret to their relationship is that they are "best friends" and just enjoy "hanging out."

She confessed, "We've never gone a week without seeing each other. There's no major decision that I make without him." The 29-year old continued to say, "The best part is when we turn off our phones and just talk and hang out."

One thing's for sure, they can't hide how much they adore one another when they're on the red carpet, as displayed in this too-cute-for-words video below:

The 40-year old Deadpool actor even addressed his wife's red carpet skills in an interview with AOL Build saying, "My wife knows how to work a red carpet, I'll say that. Yeah, she might be the Beyoncé of red carpets."

We can't agree more!