The transformations on TLC’s My 600-lb Life are incredible, and star Brittani Fulfer has undergone one of the most drastic the show has ever seen! Watch the video below to see her incredible 300-pound weight loss.

Once weighing in at over 600 pounds, Brittani, whose episode first aired in 2016, wanted to undergo surgery to help her relationship with her husband, whom she could not be intimate with due to her weight. “I don’t walk around naked because I am afraid that he will be absolutely disgusted if he sees me and that he will never look at me the same way again,” she said.

Brittani’s addiction to food began as a result of sexual abuse she suffered as a child. “I don’t remember a time waking up that I didn’t hurt,” she emotionally confessed. “Every single molecule in my body is painful. To be inside my body it is pain; it is sadness.”

These days, Brittani is much more active and things are improving with her husband. “We’re closer together and now intimate like man and wife instead of just roommates,” she said post-weight loss. “We’re like a newly married couple!”

We think she looks happier than ever!

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