According to a new report, a kinky Selena Gomez fan tried to hand deliver a penis-shaped flower arrangement to the star, but was intercepted by police. TMZ states that a 24-year-old man arrived at the Disney Channel alum’s California home bearing many gifts, but was immediately met by the singer’s security team.

Apparently, her guards recognized the man, as he’s tried to pull similar stunts in the past. They called law enforcement, who had allegedly received a tip from the flower shop. The call came from an employee who said that there was a man requesting a phallic bouquet for Selena.

Though the LAPD is now working on the case, we can’t even imagine how scary this must be for the 25-year-old. And we’re sure boyfriend The Weeknd, 27, isn’t all that pleased with the news either.

Selena recently opened up about her romance with the “Starboy” singer. “It’s just that feeling, you know, when you’re obsessed with someone when you first, initially — I always say the honeymoon stage,” she explained while being interviewed by radio host Ivy. “I’m a sucker for that feeling cause it’s the best feeling in the whole world. And I think that feeling — you can’t get them out of your head, you’re willing to dress differently, that feeling that you can’t play it cool which is what I’m feeling in this exact moment.”

And, in the wake of the Justin Bieber nude photo leak on her Instagram, we’re sure she needs her beau to distract her a bit. Don’t let the creeps bring you down, Selena!