Giuliana Rancic’s skinny body is yet again causing quite a stir on social media!

Nearly two weeks after viewers expressed their feelings on the E! host’s thin frame on the Golden Globes red carpet, the mother-of-one has posted a picture of herself vacationing in Mexico.

And the pic she uploaded features a visible thigh gap against a gorgeous ocean and pool backdrop.

“This will work till Sunday:). #mexico #perfection #vacay,” the 40-year-old captioned the shot.

giuliana rancic

Some of G’s Instagram followers were quick to point out her thin legs.

“Tooo skinny (sic),” one fan wrote, while another posted, “Please eat something.”

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Others had the TV personality’s back.

“While some a–holes are sitting on their couches making rude comments to an amazing woman who has beat cancer…Shes sitting in Mexico enjoying her beautiful life…gorgeous husband and child while getting to interview celebs…!!!!” one person said.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, we’re certain G isn’t bothered by the cruel remarks — and how could she be especially when she’s distracted in Paradise?