Ten years after the finale, fans of The Sopranos are still talking about that infamous ending.

Viewers of the HBO were divided, to say the least, when their screens suddenly went black just as Tony Soprano sat down to dinner with his family — leaving everyone wondering if Tony made it out of the diner alive.

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Before his untimely death, James Gandolfini revealed the ending was not what he had in mind when it came to wrapping up the mob drama after six seasons.


‘When I first saw the ending, I said, ‘What the f–k,” he told Vanity Fair in 2012. “I mean, after all I went through, all this death, and then it’s over like that? After I had a day to sleep, I just sat there and said: ‘That’s perfect.'”

At the time, creator David Chase revealed he shot three alternate endings to keep some surprise around the highly anticipated finale. As for what he thinks happened to Tony, his explanation is just as ambiguous as the finale.

“I thought the possibility would go through a lot of people’s minds or maybe everybody’s mind that he was killed … Whether this is the end here, or not, it’s going to come at some point for the rest of us,” he said. “Hopefully we’re not going to get shot by some rival gang mob or anything like that. I’m not saying that [happened]. But obviously, he stood more of a chance of getting shot by a rival gang mob than you or I do because he put himself in that situation. All I know is the end is coming for all of us.”

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Matt Servitto, who played Agent Dwight Harris on the show, revealed another ending showed one of the diner patrons heading right toward the mob boss. “The scene cut as the guy was advancing towards him as if he was about to shoot Tony,” he told Vulture. “It was, I think, less ambiguous that Tony was going to get shot.”

However, since those “alternate endings” have yet to surface — fans have had a bit of fun with Tony’s fate.

See more hilarious alternate endings below!