Travis Kelce earned the approval of many Taylor Swift fans when he shared his wedding planning advice, which led many to wonder if the couple is planning to walk down the aisle soon.

While discussing the wedding planning process in an ad for Zola featured during the Wednesday, January 19, episode of “New Heights,” Jason Kelce explained that the wedding website “knows that the pressure of planning a perfect wedding can be stressful.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Jason, 36, added, implying he can relate since he had his own wedding with wife Kylie Kelce in 2018.

Travis, 34, added that their podcast employee Jake “currently understands that pressure” because he is in the process of planning his own wedding. After noting that Jake is one month away from tying the knot, Jason explained that he’s been using Zola to “guide” him through “every step of the wedding planning process, from finding your venue to [the] registry.”

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After Jake admitted that his fiancée was handling all of the prep for their upcoming ceremony, Travis said he was “proud” of his coworker. “Because you don’t matter, Jake,” the Kansas City Chiefs star jokingly added. “You don’t matter and none of your decisions should be made by you.”

While Jake said he had “some” input in the decision making process, Travis advised him that his comments should just be “reassuring opinions” and said he should just “keep asking her what she wants.”

Shortly after the episode aired, several fans rushed to X to note that Travis seemingly knew a lot about what goes into planning a wedding. “For someone who is not married and probably not been involved in [much] wedding planning, Travis sure knows the process of planning a wedding. It’s like he’s talking from an experience [sic],” one person wrote on X, implying that he may be planning his own wedding to Taylor, 34. Another person weighed in, “Notice how much advice Travis gave during that wedding commercial today? Either it’s from experience or he is just that perfect and smart … or all 3.”

“He really sounded like he had some knowledge … I still say there is some news they are keeping to themselves,” a third fan chimed in.

However, others thought that some of the fan theories were a reach. “No shade but y’all read into everything way too much,” one skeptic wrote. “He didn’t even say anything specific. Also a lot of his close friends have gotten married so of course he knows some things.”

Taylor and Travis began dating in the summer of 2023, and have seemed madly in love ever since they confirmed their relationship in September 2023. While they have both tried to keep their relationship relatively private, an insider exclusively told Life & Style that they have discussed getting married.

Taylor Swift Fans Praise Travis Kelce’s Wedding Planning Knowledge: ‘Perfect and Smart’
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Taylor has her heart set on a summer wedding,” the source shared, adding that they will likely get married sooner than later. “She’s already narrowed down her picks for her bridal gown and two other designer dresses she wants to wear.”

The insider adds that Taylor and Travis have agreed to have a “lavish outdoor ceremony and celebration at her place in Rhode Island,” and they “want to be surrounded by family and close friends.”

It’ll be her ultimate dream wedding,” the source continued about their future nuptials. “They’ll definitely spare no expense.”