Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about her breakups, and when it comes to her summer fling with Conor Kennedy — it's no different!

In what could have been an awkward run-in with her ex-boyfriend's family, the Kennedys honored Taylor at the Ripple of Hope Awards in NYC on Dec. 3. The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer, who’s since moved on with One Direction’s Harry Styles, performed a song inspired by her time with the famous fam and dished on her summer of love at the Kennedy compound.

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"I remember the first time I went sailing in Hyannis with the Kennedy family," Taylor told the crowd. "Fifty of the Kennedy kids hurl themselves off the boat into the middle of the ocean, and they’re just jumping off. All of them. They’re not on the boat; they’re in the ocean. And of course they’re all good swimmers—the 5-year-olds are Olympic swimmers! And they’re all tan." 

Clearly impressed by the entire Kennedy clan, Taylor admits she was too afraid to jump in the water, but finally got the courage when Conor's grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, encouraged her to take a risk.

"I had an amazing time," the 22-year-old shares. "It was really scary jumping into the middle of the ocean off the back of a speeding, moving sailboat. But ever since then I thought about Ethel’s outlook on that situation and Ethel’s outlook on life, and I think to really live, I think you have to jump in, and I think you have to take chances."

Following the speech, Taylor played her song “Starlight” in front of the Kennedy family and crowd — telling them it was inspired by Ethel and Robert Kennedy. 

Despite her breakup with Conor, the family had nothing but kind things to say about the songstress.

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"[Taylor is] willing to take a risk and strong enough to walk away," Conor's aunt Kerry Kennedy said when she welcomed Taylor on stage — perhaps alluding to the breakup. "Taylor is just the kind of woman we want our daughters to be: authentic and mighty."

Conor’s uncle Patrick Kennedy also raved about Taylor. 

"Hard feelings? She is supporting my uncle and our family’s legacy, and we’re very grateful to her for her support!" he told Life & Style. "She was a great friend of the family— and still is."

Well that settles that!

Listen to Taylor's Kennedy-inspired tune below: