Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have clear chemistry after he made his stage debut during her Eras tour, according to body language expert Darren Stanton.

Travis, 34, shocked fans when he made a surprise appearance to carry Taylor, 34, before her performance of “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” during her Sunday, June 23, concert at Wembley Stadium in London.

“The fact she has brought Travis on stage speaks volumes to the seriousness of their relationship. What people tend to do, especially at the level of scrutiny these two are under, is try to keep their life separate for an amount of time,” Darren said while speaking on behalf of Slingo. “In most relationships, there might be some time before people take their boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet their family or friends. You have to be quite secure in a relationship to introduce your partner to your friends. People don’t really cross the streams until they are confident in the relationship and know they’re happy.”

Darren added that Taylor’s decision to bring Travis on stage was a “much more grandiose” and “extreme” version of taking him home to her family. “Her fans are very important to her,” he continued. “This is the ultimate thing she can do to show her fans the relationship is serious and making that declaration is showing him, and any doubters, that this is a very serious relationship.”

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Meanwhile, the body language expert said that the couple was “clearly having fun” together during the show. While he said that Travis is “a bit of a showman in the world of NFL,” Darren noted that the Kansas City Chiefs athlete “was definitely lapping up the attention and clearly enjoyed being on stage and getting that adulation.”

“Taylor’s called the shots, she is obviously quite confident of Travis being the potential person she is going to spend the rest of her life with,” he speculated. “When we tend to feel that confident, we pull out all the stops, and it’s a major, significant demonstration of how confident she is in the relationship.”

While taking to the stage, Travis had no sign of “reluctance” and appeared “happy” in front of the crowd. “The fact he’s so happy in the situation shows he’s reciprocating what she’s saying, which is that he is for her, and by him taking part, it shows he feels the same. The fact he’s willing to take part and be in a costume, he’s not shying away from carrying her,” Darren shared. “There’s no signs of insecurity or lack of confidence.”

Darren added that Taylor’s decision to bring him on stage reinforces that their relationship is “serious” and “could lead to marriage.”

He also pointed out that there was “a bit of a wedding theme” in the part of the show Travis participated in. Not only was Taylor dressed in a white dress, but Travis wore a black tuxedo, top hat and tails.

“Everything points to the fact they’re very comfortable in their own skin, and Travis has developed even more confidence as of late, because even though he’s very famous in the US – and now worldwide – the level of fame with Taylor outshone him globally, but now they’re very much on the same page, everyone knows who he is,” Darren concluded. “There are no signs to point to anything other than a genuine relationship and they’re both comfortable and happy in showing this off to the world.”

Taylor Swift Is ‘Clearly Comfortable’ With Travis Kelce, According to Body Language Expert
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Darren concluded that the “Cornelia Street” singer was making “flirtatious gestures to Travis on stage,” which proves she’s “clearly comfortable and they’re reached the point where they are happy to be a bit PDA.”