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13 Things We All Wish We Could Say to Our Boss – As Told By ‘The Office’

Whatever you think about Michael Scott as a boss, all _The Office+ characters’ quotes about work are seriously relatable. And, unlike in real life, when Dwight or Andy shares exactly how they really feel, they gets tons of laughs (well, at least from all of us rewatching the series for the 90th time at home). If we said how we really felt, well, we’d just get fired.

The worst is when you work for someone you legit just don’t get along with, Michael and Toby style. Every conversation becomes excruciating — and not just because you have to talk to someone you can’t stand, but because you also have to watch your every word so a, “Why are you the way that you are?” doesn’t just accidentally slip out.

the office quotes about work

But at the end of the day, at least Erin knows how we feel. And she expresses it perfectly. Instead of going full Kelly Kapoor, “How dare you?” in real life, we just have to live vicariously through her on-screen snappy comebacks. Thinking of our favorite Office quotes definitely makes us feel better. We just have to make sure that the words stay in our heads instead of in our mouths. But if you’ve ever had a boss or coworker you wish you could trick into working somewhere else, Todd Packer style, then you get it, too. Scroll through the gallery below to see times The Office said what we were really thinking — and what we said instead.