Yep, we've all been there — the never-ending, internal debate we have with ourselves when our friends insist we come out for the night because [insert their awesome reasoning here]. Frankly, we feel more sorry for ourselves than our social lives, and here are a handful of GIFs to explain why.

"What believable excuse can I use so I still have friends tomorrow?"

going out 7

"No really, what illness should I pretend to have tonight?"

going out 10

"Meh, I don't look good today …"

going out 4

"This requires me to put pants on."

going out 13

"I just wanna stuff my face with pizza all night."

going out 2

Because …

going out 3

"I really wanna hang out with (imaginary) BAE."

going out 8

"I wonder if they're gonna have fun."


"My FOMO is gonna be really rough if I don't go."

going out 5

"Actually, my ISFWMO (I'm seriously fine with missing out) outweighs the FOMO."

going out 12

"I'll try to be there! Not."

going out 9

"Am I getting old?"

going out 11

"I'm just gonna do me."

going out 6