Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White had an embarrassing mishap on TV while she was turning letters on the game show, and it took her a while to realize it was even happening.

While she was in the middle of revealing parts of a puzzle, a red Christmas present that was part of the set got stuck to her long, blue dress.

White, 58, dragged the gift around with her for a while before noticing it.


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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak later appeared with White to explain the blooper.

vanna white christmas present blooper

Vanna White looking down at the Christmas present attached to her dress.

“We have these gift packages decorating our set, and one of them became attached …” Sajak, 69, began, giggling.

“…to my dress!” finished White. “And the funny thing is, I didn’t even feel it!”

How’s that for a wardrobe malfunction?!