There was a time when you could not escape Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls.” The lead single off his 2007 self-titled album hit the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs and was practically unavoidable in the late 2000s. Between radio airplay to television shows (uh, Blair and Serena’s photo shoot in Gossip Girl) the reggae-influenced jam was legit everywhere, and Sean looked bound for superstardom. Then how is it that we’re here in 2017 asking ourselves “What happened to Sean Kingston?”

Watch our video below to find out what he’s up to now!

The good news is that, as a technicality, Sean is still in music. No, he isn’t palling around with Justin Bieber like he did in the “Eenie Meenie” video anymore, but this year he released the 10 track mixtape Made in Jamaica, a celebration of his roots. He even released a very polished video for “Chance” featuring Vybz Kartel, and that’s got a cool 4 million views on YouTube.

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So yes, Sean is still in music, and he’s even getting some playage. But also as a technicality, he’s pretty much in the same financial and living situation as our old high school ex-boyfriends. That’s the bad news.

But don’t worry, he doesn’t quite seem suicidal, but there’s, uh, definitely room for a proper comeback. Check out the video to see for yourself just how Sean Kingston is doing in 2017!

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