What company is changing the way weight loss looks for couples, making it a more easily attainable goal?

Nutrisystem! Their new Partner Plan works because it feels more like a lifestyle than a diet. You’re no longer tempting each other with unhealthy foods as you’re both eating the same delicious meals from Nutrisystem every day.

Married couple John and Sheila Chambers have found notable success with Nutrisystem’s Partner Plan. John lost 55 pounds while Sheila lost 30, for a total weight loss of 85 pounds. “Having my wife do this with me is priceless,” John said.

Studies show partners losing weight together could lose up to 20 percent more weight than they would by taking on the task alone!

What’s the Best Way for Couples to Lose Weight Together?

With three boys to look after, Bri and Peter Ludden didn’t necessarily always have time to prepare healthy meals and set aside time for exercise. That’s why the couple tried Nutrisystem. “We found the program to be really easy to follow and really effective too. Literally, you just eat the food and you lose the weight.”

Simple, right? But how is the food? According to Bri, it’s “delicious!” The Nutrisystem Partner Plan gave this couple the option of choosing different meals, and when it’s their favorite dishes, they just order both. Bri lost 19 pounds in 10 weeks on Nutrisystem, while Peter lost 19 pounds in two months!

Zac Ballard signed up for Nutrisystem, and wife Randi soon joined in after becoming “jealous” of her husband’s weight loss. The Ballards decided to try the Nutrisystem Partner Plan together. The plan offers meals that are super easy to prepare, snacks for between breakfast, lunch and dinner and even new premium options with up to 30 grams of protein. Zac ended up losing 65 pounds on the plan while Randi lost 35 pounds.

Celebrities pride themselves on maintaining their figures. Take Todd and Julie Chrisley and Sean and Catherine Lowe for example.

What’s the Best Way for Couples to Lose Weight Together?
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“Todd and I are on the Partner Plan with Nutrisystem,” Julie exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, January 18. “I have been a partner with Nutrisystem for several years now, and I am down officially 27 pounds. When Todd saw the results that I was getting, he decided to join the partner plan with me.” Todd has lost 13 pounds.

What’s the Best Way for Couples to Lose Weight Together?

Sean and Catherine teamed up with Nutrisystem to tackle their goals together. Said Catherine, “The Partner Plan allows you to hold hands with someone during the ups and downs of weight loss but with Nutrisystem, there are far more ups than downs. Except for on your scale. Lots of downs.”

To take advantage of Nutrisystem’s Partner Plan and see the latest incentives, visit Nutrisystem.com.