Standing up for what she believes in. My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore clapped back at fans after they praised her for losing weight. While that seems harmless enough, the reality star admitted that shedding a few pounds isn’t on her mood board and people should stop putting so much emphasis on the number on the scale.

“I’ve been reading my comments and a large majority of them are people congratulating me for losing some amount of weight that you have perceived that I lost, but I guarantee you that I’m still fat as s—t,” she said in a candid Instagram video on July 24. “This hasn’t changed from day one, I am not out here to be anyone’s weight loss inspiration. If you’re inclined to be inspired by me, I appreciate that [and] I see you, but I’m just a complex human being focusing on a lot of other things in life besides losing weight.”

To accompany the post, she wrote a heartfelt caption about the topic. “Just had to get this off my chest,” the starlet began. “Reminder: Your value does not increase if your weight decreases. You can implement healthy behaviors as a fat person or a thin person independent of weight. Changing your body is not the [key] to happiness, but changing your mindset is.”

Followers rallied to support her strong message. “You are adorable! Also an inspiration for learning to accept ourselves for who we are, not for the size or shape of our bodies,” one person gushed. Someone else added, “You do you boo! I admire your confidence and your sparkling personality — you are the type of people I want to surround myself with!” Another user raved, “I love this so much! I was wondering what you thought about those kinds of comments. You inspire me by focusing on body positivity! I have totally embraced my body and I have you to thank for that.”

While not everyone agrees with Whitney’s outlook on body positivity, she certainly has a strong fan base to back her up. Keep spreading confidence, girl!