If you’re a real Jonas Brothers fan, you for sure remember the youngest brother — Frankie Jonas. The “bonus Jonas” was the only brother who was not part of the band. However, he often hung out with the trio at public events, supporting them in their achievements. Years later, not much has changed, except for the fact that Frankie is almost unrecognizable now that he’s all grown up. The now 18-year-old was photographed in India with older siblings Kevin, 31, Joe, 29, and Nick Jonas, 26, supporting Nick and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding.

On Sunday, Dec. 2, Nick took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and his bros, looking dapper and handsome in their Indian wedding attire. Fans were shocked to see not three brothers, but four. “Wtffff there’s a fourth Jonas brother,” wrote one fan in the comments, while others simply forgot. “Guys, I’m sorry. I forgot there was a fourth Jonas Brother. I forgot about Franklin,” an apologetic fan commented. TBH, Frankie stays out of the spotlight, so we understand the confusion!

Nick and Frankie Jonas
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Besides being known as the “bonus Jonas,” you may recognize Frankie from some of his acting gigs from when he was a kid. The youngest JoBro appeared on Jonas, a Disney Channel TV series starring the Jonas Brothers, which ran from 2009 to 2010. Frankie also appeared on Camp Rock 2: Final Jam, as a junior rocker. It doesn’t stop there. He’s also known as a voice actor and made his debut in the english version for the Japanese animated film Ponyo, along with Miley Cyrus‘ little sister, Noah Cyrus.

Passion for music runs in the family because now the 18-year-old plays instruments and produces beats under the pseudonym MEPHISTO, which he posts on SoundCloud. In the past, he’s admitted his older brothers play a big role in his music, especially when experimenting. “They’ve been a really big influence on my whole process, helping me through it, being there to say try this, try that,” he told CelebMix four months ago.

It’s nice to see the family stick together. We will never forget you, bonas Jonas!