Another day, another Alabama Barker clapback! This time, Travis Barker‘s daughter shut down a troll on TikTok. “Make sure that makeup don’t come off,” one user commented on a since-deleted video, along with a flushed face emoji.

Alabama, 15, replied to the hater by uploading a Monday, June 14, clip wherein she appeared barefaced while wearing a white bikini. The teenager danced and lip-synched to WhoHeem‘s “Let’s Link.” Although the post is no longer available on her TikTok page, Alabama also shared the footage to her Instagram Story.

Travis Barker's Daughter Alabama Shuts Down a Troll by Going Makeup-Free on TikTok
Courtesy of Alabama Barker/Instagram

Of course, this is hardly the first time the Meet the Barkers alum has shut down negativity on social media. In late May, Alabama shared a pointed message for anyone commenting on her looks. “At this point, I have grown men and mothers hating on me, messaging me awful things,” she wrote via Instagram. “I do not care whether you think I look too grown for my age. Keep your opinion to yourselves. It’s miserable that you guys can sit there and DM [direct message] me instead of watching your own children.” 

Since Alabama’s dad, Travis, 45, went public with girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian in February, she and brother Landon Barker have been attracting more attention, especially when it comes to their strained relationship with mom Shanna Moakler. The former Miss USA, 46, was married to the Blink-182 drummer from 2004 to 2008.

In early May, Alabama claimed Shanna “has never completely been” in her life, adding that the actress’ on-again, off-again boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, “cheats” on her. Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, Matthew, 28, responded to Alabama’s allegations

“Our love is real. We had our ups and downs in the past but never have we cheated on one another,” the model assured. “She’s an amazing mother, and I am with her because she loves and cares so much about her family. That’s just one of the reasons why I love her so much.”

Shanna believes Alabama and Landon, 17, have “a lot of animosity” toward Matthew, which is why they’re distant from the couple. “They’d been really not nice to him, as well, and he hasn’t done anything except be really supportive to me,” the reality TV star told Life & Style on May 19. 

What mother wants to have their child upset with them? What mother wants to hear their children say such horrible things? It’s just sad, but I understand they’re teenagers,” Shanna added. “They’re being influenced by numerous people, who are very calculating, very manipulative, and there’s nothing I can do except just be there for them [and] love them.”