Trouble ahead? The Bachelorette teased a “tense confrontation” between Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo during After the Final Rose, which will air on Monday, August 9.

During the pre-taped aftershow, Katie, 30, will be “joined onstage” by her final three contestants, Greg, 27, Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze, according to an ABC press release.

Bachelorette Katie Has 'Tense Confrontation' With Greg on 'ATFR'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“They try to make sense of what happened in New Mexico, including a tense confrontation with Greg about his sudden departure,” reads the teaser. “Did Katie leave with the love she was looking for, or did she go home alone?”

Katie also alluded to upcoming drama on ATFR on July 26 following the taping in Los Angeles. “Never trust your tongue when your heart is wounded. Hush until you heal,” former Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett tweeted. 

Madison Prewett Tweet Katie Thurston After the Final Rose Drama

“Should have read this before [ATFR],” Katie responded in a tweet, adding a pair of eyes emoji. 

Fans watched the explosive fight unfold between Katie and Greg during the episode on August 2. 

While meeting his family during his hometown date, the leading lady assured the New Jersey native’s mom that she wanted to “pursue a relationship” with Greg and saw him there “next week.”

However, during the night portion of their date, the contestant said he hit his “breaking point” and couldn’t understand why Katie needed to continue exploring her relationships with Blake, 30, and Justin, 26. 

“I can’t be there at the end if I don’t think it’s us,” he told the Bachelorette. “I just don’t understand how you don’t know at this point. I just don’t get it.” 

Their fight continued later at her hotel room and things escalated when Katie said she was waiting until the end to tell someone she loved them. 

“Are you not wanting to stay anymore? Are you done?” she asked after a lot of back and forth with Greg.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” he fired back. “It was never about a rose for me this week. I was never asking you to confess your love to me. All I was asking for was Katie.”

The TikTok star admitted she didn’t know how to navigate dating multiple men while trying to diffuse the situation. “I’m losing you. I’m losing my mind here. This whole thing feels like for nothing if you leave,” she told him.

In the end, Greg self-eliminated. After their argument was shown, many viewers accused the marketing sales rep of “gaslighting” Katie during their fight. The leading lady even shared a post about gaslighting on her Instagram Story hours after the episode aired. 

The contestant has not publicly reacted to the episode. However, Greg’s friend and Big Brother alum Kaitlyn Herman tweeted in defense of him on August 3 after someone claimed he was playing the “victim game.”

“That was the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen a man speak in my entire life. And the response was ‘I just like looking at you.’ I watched this man cry EVERYDAY when he got home. He was BROKEN,” she tweeted.

It seems like the two still have a lot of unfinished business.