You tell him, Bella Hadid! The life of a supermodel isn’t always easy. Sure, it comes with perks like getting to attend cool events and being able to travel all over the world, but the youngest Hadid sister has experienced first-hand the craziness that is paparazzi. Recently, Bella was walking down the streets of New York City with security guards to shield her from paparazzi when one of the guards got a little too aggressive with a photog.

The model witnessed the guard put his hands on and forcibly move one of the female photographers. The photographer could be heard saying “Ow! Ow!” as he moved her to make room for Bella. And being the non-diva that she is, the 20-year-old had no patience for that type of behavior. She promptly stopped dead in her tracks and reprimanded the guard: “Excuse me? Do not… can you please… don’t touch her!”

bella hadid splash

(Photo Credit: Splash)

The security guard then attempted to defend himself telling the star that he didn’t touch the woman. But, Bella was clearly not convinced and reached out to ask if the photographer was okay. The incident seemed to be resolved as quickly as it began. Bella kept walking and the photographer slipped back into the huge crowd of her fellow paparazzi.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the model’s experienced a bad run-in with paparazzi while exiting a venue. Last year, Bella witnessed her sister Gigi Hadid being grabbed by a “prankster” after a fashion show in Milan. When that happened, Bella reacted in a similarly quick fashion and elbowed the man who was harassing her big sister.

Bravo to Bella for being so quick on her feet and being willing to stick up for a complete stranger. No one deserves to be pushed around especially when they’re just trying to do their job. Keep doing you, Bella!