Let's pour one out for poor Brandi Glanville! The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills has terrible luck when it comes to relationships. While LeAnn Rimes may have stolen her husband Eddie Cibrian away, Brandi admitted on Jan. 12 that it was social media that ruined her relationship with new man Donald "DJ" Friese.

"Social media is ruining romance! It ruined mine ?," she wrote on Twitter. She went on to hint that the problems were caused by women hitting on Donald, who has been her arm candy at every event since they made their red carpet debut in February 2017. "It's official I’m SINGLE! He is all urs IG hoes!" Yikes. However, we assume there was no cheating because she went on to say that "He is lovely so be nice ?."

For his part, Donald posted about wanting to go to Cabo on Instagram. In the comments, he thanked a fan for their support and wrote "I have great memories and have zero regret. People change and you have to sometimes accept that there are certain differences that you cannot always find a solution. I wish her and the boys all the best."

It's unclear when the breakup happened, but the last photo that Brandi has on her Instagram with DJ is from Dec. 7, when they both went to the premiere of film Dust To Glory to support a friend. Even then, fans had some concerns about DJ. "Do you actually like that DJ Friese guy?" asked a fan. "He sort of looks like someone you're settling for. He creeps me out, maybe it’s coz he’s smaller than you and wears cowboy hats ?."


Fans are now calling Brandi Hollywood's "most eligible bachelorette," and they're damn right. She's a mature woman at 45 years old, but she's got a slammin' body, a beautiful face, and she knows how to have fun! Dudes immediately began commenting on her post, begging for dates. Meanwhile, girls were telling her that DJ "didn't deserve her," and that she just needs to "enjoy being single, you'll find a replacement soon enough!" We hope she does!