It looks like Offset took notes from Cardi B‘s new song “Please Me” and planned an over-the-top romantic surprise for his wife. The rappers are vacationing in Cabo and the “Bad and Boujee” artist set up a trail of rose petals that ended with a heart at the foot of the bed. Cardi said she was, er, ready to reciprocate the favor.

The pathway of petals and dimly lit candles went through their lavish hotel suite and ended in their gigantic bedroom. The “Bodak Yellow” songstress giggled the whole time and exclaimed, “Ah, this is so cute!” when she finally got to the end of the delicate, red petals. She then adds, “Damn, he want me to suck his d—k for hours today. Well, let me start getting drunk.”

Cardi B surprise from Offset

Fans weren’t exactly shocked by what she said and they adore her candidness. “Omg she has no filter. Love it,” one person commented while someone else added, “Such a vibe.” Another user said, “I love it, crazy girl. Enjoy!” Needless to say, people loved seeing how this hip-hop husband and wife spice things up.

Cardi B instagram story offset

Offset and Cardi look like they’re having a great time in Cabo and are not sparing any expenses. She’s been documenting the entire trip on Instagram from their private jet ride down to the crab legs for she ate for dinner. Considering they both work extremely hard and have a new baby, we think the parents deserve to have a little fun.

Cardi B instagram story

As for the status of their relationship, the “Money” singer wants people to know that things are A-OK. “I’m living good, feeling good. Keep my name off ya weird ass mental and ya made up drama. THANK YOU!” she wrote on her Instagram Story in the middle of her luxe vacation. It sounds like she’s just trying to enjoy drama-free time with Offset.

Have fun, you two!

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