Five years after their daughter was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old child, Casey Anthony‘s parents remain estranged from the 31-year-old, who still seems to place some of the blame on her father.

George and Cindy Anthony released a statement last month after their daughter gave an interview to the Associated Press, in which she said, “The last time I saw my daughter [Caylee], I believed she was alive and was going to be okay, and that’s what was told to me. My father told me she was going to be okay. That she was okay.”

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Casey Anthony on trial for the murder of her daughter in 2011.

Responding to her claims, the couple said through their attorney, “After years of silence, Casey Anthony has decided to complete an interview and has once again pointed to George Anthony, her father, as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter, Caylee. George, who has continued to try and move forward from this tragedy and who was vindicated on multiple occasions, is once again forced to relive the hints, rumors, lies, and allegations that are being made by Casey Anthony.”

Ever since their daughter was found not guilty, it’s been a tough road for George and Cindy, who were forced to sell some family property in Mount Dora, FL, and barely saved their own home from foreclosure — despite receiving a large sum of money for an appearance on Dr. Phil.

George vehemently denied Casey’s claims during the trial that he had molested her, and though the pair reconciled shortly after the verdict was read, it didn’t last long.

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As for Casey, the interview only hurt her public image more. “I don’t give a s–t about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” she told the AP. “I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.” Unfortunately, her parents can’t say the same thing.