Good news and bad news — that's how Sandra Donaldson began to tell her husband, Bob, about their recent $23 million lottery win. The Canadian couple's story is capturing the hearts of people everywhere after Sandra realized she had purchased a winning lottery ticket and decided to get creative with how she broke the exciting news to her husband of 36 years.

“When I got home, Sandra said, ‘I have good news and bad news,’” Bob explained in a statement. “Good news — you can get a new car sooner than you think. Bad news — we have to go see our lawyer right away!’ Then she handed me the winning ticket. I was speechless.” Check out the adorable video below to see Bob discover they were multi-millionaires!

Bob, a retired Dofasco manager, was away in China when his wife learned that their lives were about to change forever. Before leaving, he had asked her to do two things: clean up after the dog and buy their usual lottery ticket. One of those things never happened. "I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat," she admitted. He joked in a recent statement, "I guess I can forgive her for not cleaning up after the dog."

LOL — we're sure after they deposit the check, all will be forgiven. "I think over time it will start to sink in, but it's a life-changing event," he revealed while fighting back tears. She added, "It's overwhelming. It's very emotional."

The couple plans to share their winnings with two children and soon-to-be three grandchildren. “It’ll be wonderful to be able to travel more and longer,” Sandra added. “We’ll also buy that new car for Bob, install a pool and build a walk-in closet — I already went on a shopping spree while Bob was still in China.” Sounds like they're living the dream!