It sounds like their honeymoon phase is over. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub and her husband Marty Caffrey should technically still be experiencing pure wedded bliss after tying the knot two months ago, but instead, the couple is already having some pretty dramatic martial problems. Danielle sparked divorce rumors on July 29, and now Marty is clapping back with his own lengthy letter.

Marty says their issues reached a tipping point with her birthday party, which he did not attend and refused to pay for. “I was left completely in the dark,” he told Radar. “I wasn’t allowed to know who was invited. My family and friends were left out until the last minute only because I kept pressing the issue. This arrogant, disrespectful, presumptuous and entitled attitude I find disturbing. All of this is why I did not attend.” 

But their issues had been growing long before that. Marty says Danielle and her daughters have tried to “bleach” his children from his life. Because they had a negative proconcieved notion of Danielle from the show, she “forbids” them to visit. 

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On top of that, he says “I bailed Danielle out of a really tough situation. I gave her a platform to be relevant again. Because I believed in her and loved her. I still love her and still believe in her. And her payback is nothing but financial, verbal, and emotional abuse. I’ve tried dozens of times to talk to Danielle about this but she just buries her head in the sand.” For his part, Marty promises he hasn’t filed for divorce, and plans to work on the marriage.

After reading his statement, Danielle’s rep clapped back. “Danielle is very disappointed that Marty spent time composing a three-page statement for the media but won’t sit down and talk with her about the situation.”

Rumors about trouble in paradise started swirling after Marty allegedly took to Instagram to comment on an Instagram post by blog Reality Wives. The post was dated on May 9, and it was shared as a celebration of Danielle and Marty’s May 5 wedding.

“Sorry things didn’t work out, baby. You aren’t what you pretended to be. Sad,” Marty allegedly wrote in the comment, which has since been deleted but was reposted as a screenshot on the blog’s Instagram page.

“Danielle is having some difficulties with her marriage right now and is hoping everything will work out,” Danielle’s rep, Steve Honig, told Us Weekly in a statement after seeing the comments.

This marks Danielle’s third marriage, and she has been engaged more than 19 times, as her former frenemy and fellow RHONJ co-star Teresa Giudice pointed out during their infamous table-flipping fight during Season 1 of the popular Bravo reality TV show.