As Danielle Staub made her return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey after a five-season absence, fans noticed that the 55-year-old looked slightly different than they remembered. The Naked Truth author tells Life & Style she “loves her Botox ” and that the fillers she got in 2013 “have lasted all these years — thank God!”

But what do the experts think? Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Stong, who, like the other doctors quoted in this article, has not worked with Danielle, sees evidence of the fillers the reality star describes. “Her upper cheeks are fuller and more youthful,” he says, “and her jawline and chin also have increased volume.”

Cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar also notes a bit of extra plumpness in Danielle’s face. But overall, he says, “The changes are positive.” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei concurs. “The signs of surgical or nonsurgical tweaks are minimal,” he says. “She looks lovely.” Scroll down for a closer look!

danielle staub 2008 vs 2017 getty

Danielle in 2008 (left) and 2017.


Danielle admits to Botox injections, and Dr. Talei sees them at work in her brow area. “The shape of her brows has changed,” he says. Price tag: $300-$600.


“Her eyes look smaller because of under-eye filler,” says Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban. The estimated cost is $800–$1K.


Dr. Stong notes increased fullness in Danielle’s cheeks. “This could be achieved with facial fillers like Voluma [up to $1.3K] or a fat transfer procedure [$5K].”


Juvéderm may be responsible for an increase in lip volume, Dr. Talei speculates. “The lower lip has a little bit of a bulge,” he observes. Cost: $450–$600.