Ohh, we see what you did there. NFL star Danny Amendola took to social media on Thursday, April 18, to share his thoughts about the new romance rumors between his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, and EDM star Zedd — and it wasn’t exactly a message the DJ would want to hear, y’all.

In a black and white video posted to his Instagram Stories, the footballer showed off his insane abs while laying in bed with his computer on his stomach. He was watching the indie classic Pulp Fiction, and if you know the movie, you probably can already guess what scene he’d be watching. In it, Bruce Willis‘ character talks about “Zedd’s chopper,” which he had to steal, and when asked where the owner is, he replies, “Zedd’s dead, baby. Zedd’s dead.”

After the seemingly shady line, he cuts off the clip, which has since been deleted from his Instagram entirely. Damn, tell us how you really feel, dude.

The 25-year-old model was spotted getting cozy with Selena Gomez‘s ex during Coachella 2019 weekend one, and clearly, the breakup is still a mega soft spot for the 33-year-old.

Us Weekly confirmed the split on March 24, stating that the former Miss Universe and the former Pats player “definitely broke up” after two years together, an insider revealed to the outlet. “It had to do with the distance and them barely seeing each other.”

The insider also revealed that Danny also wasn’t too thrilled with his girlfriend’s nude pics in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and his relocation for work put a strain on an already tense relationship. “He got signed to the Miami Dolphins and Olivia wasn’t going to move there,” the source added.

olivia culpo danny amendola
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Clearly, though, the couple has been having problems for a while. Back in November 2018, Olivia posted a photo of herself sporting a men’s Rolex watch to her Instagram Stories, writing over the pic, “Looks like this is my present now. HAPPY BDAY TO ME.”

Hmm … doesn’t look like all is fair in love and war this time around.