One thing Demi Lovato has built her brand off of — in addition to her music — is advocating for those who struggle with mental health issues. The songstress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was just 18 years old, so she’s made it clear to her fans that she can relate to the hardships they’re going through on a personal level. But, one of her devoted Lovatics is calling BS.

21-year-old Mike Peretz paid $500 to meet the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer at her concert in Chicago on March 9, and was sadly disappointed with his experience. He told Hollywood Life, “After she took her picture with me, I was like, ‘Hey, I want to let you know, I am bipolar and anorexic and I have struggled with a lot of those things. You have been a big part of helping me and an inspiration in getting me to a good place and you have really helped me and saved my life. I just want to say thank you.'”

But Demi wasn’t feeling it. He said when she finally looked away from the camera in front of them, she said, “Okay,” and totally dismissed him. Mike admitted that he was not only “underwhelmed” with the meet and greet but later realized “how sh–ty it was.”

“I went from this is a waste of money, to thinking, ‘This is kind of dangerous thinking about the bigger implications. I was over it, she was sh–ty. I was trying not to care, but thinking about how she built her brand on caring about these mental health issues, and she blew me off,” he explained.

Mike probably isn’t the only person to have this kind of experience either, considering the fact that Demi actually tweeted about how fans weren’t happy with her meet and greets. She said, “If my meet and greets aren’t good enough for you guys then why do them anymore?”

demi lovato tweet

The tweet has since been deleted and Demi has yet to address the situation any further, but Mike thinks this could be a good idea. He said, “I wish she had canceled them before mine was.”