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The Women Tell All!!! But did they?

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It seemed to me that most of the women had been in touch beforehand and reconciled or explained their behavior to the others with an arrangement of excuses and lies, just to save face. Talking over one another and pretty competitive “cattiness” ruled this tell-all. Mykenna can’t keep up in the wit department and just decided to press repeat on quotes she had already expressed during the filming of the show. Victoria Fuller is present along with Kelsey, which is pretty heavy considering they were both hometowns, but then again Jason and Colton were at my Tell All, too. But Victoria went to the fantasy suites, so is this typical?

Anyway, Victoria will more than likely be on Bachelor in Paradise and I’m sure it’s going to be a great season — by “great,” I mean for the viewers. For the cast, it’ll probably be self ruin. Not for everybody, just those that reddit talks about, which was also mentioned on the tell-all last night. Wow, I’ve seen it all now: contestants are reading about others to try and ruin them before anything comes out about them.

We addressed the bullying online last night with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, I like Rachel a lot, and she did an absolutely wonderful job expressing the strong message at hand. Seeing death threats to contestants really upsets me. We aren’t cast for that, and if the threatening doesn’t stop maybe it’s time for me to come put my foot up everyone’s a$$. All in all, the message addressed was a top moment for the franchise, ever. No footage last night competed with it. It took the show.

Disney ABC Press

Last night we saw Madi show up late for a very important rose ceremony in Australia, and she did accept the rose. We are only two women away from witnessing the most historic ending to a season of The Bachelor. Victoria was sent home, and that’s why we saw her at the WTA.

Pete crashed a couple of watch parties, and that was heartwarming, truly (no BS) really sweet. Some of the more controversial topics I’d like to mention include Alayah asking for a jalapeño margarita … you mean a spicy marg?! C’mon, she can’t be serious? Right?!

The next moment would be when Chris Harrison asked Victoria directly if she ruined any marriages. I don’t agree with that move. She said no, and that’s fine, but now it’s just bringing it up again and I’m sure that someone will come forward now saying the opposite. The show is starting to really bring many real-life aspects in, and it makes for very dirty drama. This is the kind of behavior that stirs up the viewers and makes them so passionate when messaging cast and commenting on social media. I’d like to end on that note.

On another note, seeing how immature this group was, it makes it very easy to see why ABC went in the direction of Clare Crawley for Bachelorette! Who is excited?! Let’s talk about this, do we think she will own this? She seems happy and ready, I think it’ll be a class act season. We are almost through Peter’s season and BIP is right around the corner!!!!!! Wooohoooooo!

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