Is it a compliment or a diss? Social media is freaking out after one user shared a photo of a particularly pretty pup and tons of users pointed out that the dog looks just like Ivanka Trump. While some think the resemblance is uncanny, others are upset that people are saying the dog could be Ivanka Trump's doppelganger because they feel it's rude to the dog!

It all started when Twitter user Francesa posted a photo of a really stylish dog with long, white-blonde wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing a leather studded collar, head tilted to the side with her eyes looking up. "She is an influencer on YouTube," she wrote.

Other Twitter users immediately spotted the similarities, and one replied, "OMG Ivanka." Another fan posted a photo of Ivanka in a similar pose — with her blonde wavy hair pulled back into a low ponytail with her head tilted to the side as she looked up. "Why does this dog look EXACTLY like Ivanka Trump?" one user wrote.

Some social media users compared the two. "I think the dog looks better. No offense Ivanka," one user wrote, and another commented, "Why must you insult that poor dog like this?"

Even though it doesn't seem like a slight because the dog is actually really cute and chic, we can see how being compared to a dog could be upsetting for Ivanka, but it's definitely milder than the backlash she received earlier this week. On Monday, March 19, Ivanka shared photos of herself visiting a lab for a workforce development event in Iowa and fans roasted her for "cosplaying" as a scientist for the day and trivializing what women scientists do in their field.

"Hey [Ivanka Trump] it's great that you like to cosplay as a scientist on Instagram but some of us are an #ActualLivingScientist," one Twitter user responded. "Tell us about what you're doing in this picture. I'm making a battery. #ILookLikeAnEngineer."