You’ve heard the expression “beauty is pain” before. Well now, apparently, so are freckles!

That’s right, people are lining up at their neighborhood tattoo shops to take needles to the face in order to get inked with freckles. And honestly, the Internet doesn’t know how to feel about it.

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Whether people want to enhance their natural beauty marks, fill in their totally bare face, or go crazy and get rainbow freckles, tattoo artists everywhere are taking advantage of this painful-looking trend.

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While people on Instagram are eager to show off their new facial features, the Twitter-verse has expressed complete and utter confusion over it.

Though the tats seem super intense when they’re first inked on, after a few weeks of healing, the pigment actually fades in with the skin quite nicely.

Here’s a comparison of the freckles immediately after the procedure versus a few months later:

Though makeup artists have been using products like eyeliner or lip liner to create freckled looks, it seems some people want a more permanent solution!

Here’s a video of some women trying out the trend:

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