It may not be your day, your week, your month, or even your year — but we’ve got some news that’ll most certainly ~perk~ you up! Friends famous hangout spot, Central Perk, is coming to a street corner near you, which means it’s time to get your pals together and celebrate.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Warner Bros. Entertainment secured a copyright last month to use the Central Perk name for “coffee shop and cafe services.” YAS. In case you were wondering, they describe the well-known logo by saying, “The mark consists of a design of a banner above a shaded oval flanked by coffee cups with steam rising above them, with the banner bearing the stylized wording CENTRAL and the shaded oval bearing the stylized wording PERK with a coffee bean design on either side of the wording PERK.”

If the company ends up opening an actual Central Perk — or a chain! ? — it wouldn’t be the first time the coffee shop opened to the public. In Sept. 2014, the Warner Bros. Television Group — along with its Consumer Products division — partnered with Eight O’Clock coffee to open a Central Perk pop-up shop in NYC, which featured props from the show and, yes, even a special appearance by James Michael Tyler — aka Gunther!

Oh, and in 2016, a guy in Toronto tried to open a Central Perk, but Warner Bros. lawyers shut that down real quick. So don’t try this at home, kids.

Warner Bros. requested to use the name to use on a number of other products — including toys, board games, and slot machines — but they are pending approval. Fingers crossed!

** See what the cast of Friends looks like today by watching the video below!**