When Glee first debuted in 2009, we were instantly hooked — but when they started including incredible guest stars, the show went to a whole new level. Of course, we were already pretty awed by Lea Michele‘s talent (girl can belt, and her high notes are something else), but Britney Spears has a star power like no other. Brit-Brit wasn’t the only major get for the show, though. They featured a ton of super famous, super talented stars throughout their six year run. Check out a few of Glee‘s coolest guest spots in the video below.

And those are just the guest stars. Who can forget that legendary Broadway star Idina Menzel, aka Frozen‘s Elsa herself, also played a role? She joined the show as Shelby Corcoran in season one, the coach of the New Directions’ rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, and Rachel’s secret birth mom, then returned in season three. And some of the show’s main stars also went on to land some pretty big roles — like Melissa Benoist in Supergirl, Lea in Scream Queens, and Darren Criss in the second season of Ryan Murphy‘s anthology series, American Crime Story.

But to be honest, we’d trade in all those awesome new roles if we could just get the gang back together for one more season of Glee. Sure, the finale episode already did that whole flash-forward, “see where everyone ends up in five years” type of storyline to give fans the closure they deserved. But 2020 isn’t far off, and we’d be thrilled to get even more of the story. Do Rachel and Jesse really make it long term? How did Artie and Tina get back together? And was Donald Trump the incumbent that Jeb Bush and his VP Sue Sylvester beat out when they won in 2020? Was Glee predicting a very real future? We need answers, Ryan! Bring back Glee — we’re begging you!