The Internet is nothing if not full of weird AF videos to keep people entertained (read: distracted from their real lives), but this new reddit clip far exceeds the normal deep web drudgery. In fact, there might just be some black magic involved. Earlier this week, disagreements erupted all over social media regarding a mysterious soundbite that originated on Some listeners heard the word "Laurel," while others insisted they heard "Yanny."

Now, another video has surfaced sparking a similar debate. Except this time, there's "mind control" involved. According to a reddit user, you can either hear the word "brainstorm" or "green needle" after watching a video based on what you decide to think about. Check it out above to see which one you hear.

Of course, the comment section was full of shock and debate. There were even some references to the whole white/gold/blue/black dress fiasco of 2015. "Finally! I can hear it both ways, and both at once. After only seeing that stupid dress as white and gold, and never being able to switch it to black and blue, I thought i was a dumba—. I have been redeemed!" wrote one user. "I can't even trust my own mind after watching this," added another.

According to The New York Times, Patricia Keating, a linguistics professor and the director of the phonetics lab at U.C.L.A., said: “It depends on what part (what frequency range) of the signal you attend to.” Though she was referring to the "laurel vs. yanny" debate — her explanation could be applied to "green needle vs. brainstorm" as well. So, people, it's not mind control, after all. It's science.