Hindsight. Hannah Brown reflected on having “doubt” and a “pit in [her] stomach” before getting engaged to ex Jed Wyatt during the Bachelorette finale. Although it was one year ago, the Bachelor Nation babe admitted the heartbreaking situation “feels like just yesterday.” 

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, this has all the makings to be the best day of my life … but gah, it doesn’t feel like I thought it would,’” the 25-year-old wrote on Instagram on May 11. “I didn’t have words (or maybe I just didn’t have the courage to say them?), but the pit in my stomach was screaming, ‘This ain’t it.’ [It’s] funny how sometimes it’s the people around you that help you articulate your feelings better than you can.”

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown Relationship and Engagement Ending
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

The Alabama native confessed she was able to “fake a smile” before the aspiring musician got down on one knee, but she now knows why she wasn’t able to “shake the doubt.”

Jed, 26, and Hannah split shortly after season 15 when the reality starlet found out he lied about the extent of his relationship with ex Haley Stevens. Although the contestant claimed it wasn’t an “exclusive thing,” Haley alleged they were still dating while he was on the show and he only went to boost his music career. Hannah noted in her lengthy post that the situation with Jed was “not easy, but it was necessary to get me here.” 

JED, HANNAH BROWN Engagement Ring Size
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Hannah isn’t stuck in heartbreak. She added she’s living a “different life” these days. The former beauty queen has since moved to Los Angeles, competed on Dancing With the Stars and is creating quite a name for herself.

“If I could go back and tell her something, I would whisper, ‘It’s going to be OK. You’re right, this ain’t it, but it‘s the direction. So open up your hands, and let go of the control,” Hannah continued. “Trust this process, it’s going to be worth it. Also, nice butt!”⁣

One year later, Hannah has come out on the other side of her drama with Jed and is doing amazing. “Sometimes you’ve gotta walk through the shadows to stand in the sun. And trust me, you’ll really appreciate the way it feels shining down on you, too,” she concluded her candid statement.

Keep slaying, girl!