Bye, haters! Bachelorette star Hannah Brown went on a clap back spree after one troll called her “overrated” and another fan said that she shouldn’t “tie herself” to the Bachelor franchise. The Alabama beauty has a pretty good sense of humor about things but — be warned — she’s not afraid to unleash the beast.

“Am I the only person who thinks [Hannah Brown] is overrated,” someone wrote on Twitter on January 20 about the 25-year-old with the hashtag “confused about the hype.” Although it was rude, the former beauty queen had a hilarious response.

Hannah Brown Claps Back at Fan Who Calls Her Overrated

“Yeah, I don’t get it either,” Hannah quipped. The former leading lady has been getting tons of attention during the past few months. After breaking off her engagement to Jed Wyatt shortly after season 15, she went on to win Dancing With the Stars with her partner, Alan Bersten. Hannah popped up again on Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor and the two had an emotional conversation where the starlet admitted that she “f–ked up” and regretted ending things with him “all the time.”

The exes eventually decided to close their romantic chapter (for now), but Hannah has been making light of the situation. “Enjoying this Monday night without mascara stained cheeks,” the Bachelor Nation babe captioned a series of Instagram photos of herself laughing on January 20.

“Can you for once not tie yourself to Monday’s episode [of the Bachelor] franchise?” one follower commented and noted that Hannah “can do so much better.” The reality star recognized the comment and dished that she is looking ahead.

Hannah Brown Claps Back at Fan About Being Tied to Bachelor
Courtesy of Hannah Brown Instagram

“Well, considering about 30ish Monday nights in the past year I have exposed a little more of myself with everyone watching, I am a bit tied to ABC Monday nights,” she began a lengthy response. “I am very excited for my future and what I’ll do next, but this will always be apart of my life. I’m thankful for all the good that has come with it all and the bad that’s taught me a lot of lessons and growth.”

Hannah has previously dished that she doesn’t picture herself moving back home to Alabama anytime soon and has dreams of maybe hosting a talk show one day. “I have so much more in store for my future that will go much further than Bachelor Monday nights,” she quipped at the end of her comment.

Keep doing you, girl!