Get it, girl! Bachelorette star Hannah Brown started boxing and she’s unleashing the beast once again. She dished that her New Year’s resolution was to be “overall healthier” and the new sport is definitely a great start. She just came off of a Dancing With the Stars victory and a brief stint on Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor so, needless to say, she’s ready to focus on herself in the gym.

“First day,” the 25-year-old shared on her Instagram Story on January 16 along with three videos of herself training with Leyon Azubuike at Gloveworx in Los Angeles. “I only thought I was going to throw up once. Victory.”

Hannah Brown Starts Boxing to Be More Health in 2020

Besides stepping into the ring, the Bachelor Nation babe also attempted to pick up a new skill. “First time for real learning how to do a speedbag. Leyon didn’t know,” she added to caption a video of the trainer giving her the rundown in front of the small bag. However, it looked like she was quickly on her way to mastering it. “Beast mode is in my blood,” Hannah added. “By next week, we are going to be rollin’.” We all need that confidence in 2020!

The former beauty queen appeared on the first two weeks of The Bachelor and had an emotional conversation with Peter, 28. The leading lady confessed that she regretted ending things with the pilot “all the time” and feels like she “f–ked up.” Peter eventually walked away and admitted, “I can’t do this,” and it was an extremely tense moment. Life & Style exclusively caught up with show host Chris Harrison about the moment between the exes.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown Romantic Moment on The Bachelor Trailer

“That conversation . She was just supposed to be on the date, and it was going to be fun, a little awkward because she was back. But it wasn’t supposed to be all of that,” the 48-year-old explained at the California Strong Celebrity Softball Game on January 12. “Honestly, I think it was fair. It was all raw, organic and honest. It wasn’t like she was trying to do something or he was trying to do something. It was just something that organically happened. Honestly, I think it was good. It was something, clearly, they needed to resolve and get over this hurdle before anybody could move on. I think it was kind of cathartic, to be honest.”

Hannah is back in beast mode these days!