Confidence is everything! Most people would be a little nervous to have their significant other working so closely with their ex, but not Heather Rae Young! As a matter of fact, Tarek El Moussa‘s new leading lady says she’s “fully supportive” of him continuing to film Flip or Flop with his ex-wife Christina Anstead. In a new interview with Radar, the Selling Sunset star was asked if she’s “intimidated” by Christina, to which she said, “not at all!”

“I’m a really confident person and I’m confident in our relationship,” the 31-year-old blonde beauty continued. “And I think what he does and everything he has going on is so amazing. I’m fully supportive of everything.” It definitely helps that Heather totally understands her 37-year-old beau’s lifestyle. Not only is she also involved in real estate, but she’s familiar with TV fame as well. That leads to another thing she’s totally cool with: Tarek’s fans!

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa in the Car

“I think his fans are very supportive,” Heather said, admitting it’s “not hard” to deal with his committed followers. “He’s been doing this for so long that he’s built a great fanbase. He’s such a likable person so it’s nothing of concern, it was only positive things coming into it. So far, all his fans have been wonderful to me.”

At this point, Tarek’s fans have definitely learned to expect the unexpected. After watching his career blossom on HGTV alongside Christina, then battle cancer, go through his divorce and Christina’s new marriage, it’s hardly a surprise to see his ex’s lookalike become part of his life. Plus, it really seems like Heather has nothing to worry about on the Christina front; she’s happily remarried to Ant Anstead with a baby on the way, and she and Tarek have managed to work together to not only flip some gorgeous houses, but to raise their kids. Hopefully Heather will fit in just as seamlessly!