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10 Times Dr. House Said What We Were All Thinking — but Would Never Actually Say out Loud

Dr. House is known for his snarky, sarcastic, and somewhat cynical take on life, which made for the best one-liners on House. Unfortunately, the world can’t get away with saying his quotes in real life because, well, they wouldn’t be received well. That doesn’t mean we don’t think them, though. In fact, most of our everyday responses start off as his quotes and then are modified to be nicer (especially on Mondays).

To this day, Hugh Laurie says that he greatly admires Gregory House and would loves to have a doctor like him. “The ruthless, truth-seeking competence of that character I found absolutely thrilling,” Hugh Laurie said. “And I think… if your life is in danger, or the life of a loved one hangs in the balance, obviously you want the best. And you will give up politeness, friendliness, or good manners to get the best — and that’s what he represented. He was after the truth, and everything else came second to that.”

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