Get the spotlight ready. Jennifer Hudson is making her debut on The Voice, and fans still can’t stop talking about her impressive weight loss transformation. It’s been seven years since the Oscar-winning actress became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and dropped over 80 pounds on the program.

The Voice is here… To think I started out on a platform like this,” Jennifer captioned a photo on Instagram before tonight’s premiere of the reality singing competition. Since 2010, Jennifer, 36, has managed to keep the weight off. In a recent interview, she shared her secret for staying in shape and, listen up ladies, because it does not include exercise. Watch the video below to see her complete transformation.

“I don’t have time to do much [exercise]. I just watch what I eat,” she said on the U.K. show Lorraine. “I’m very conscious of what I put in my body.” The American Idol alum, who went from a size 16 to a size 6, also opened up in the past about not wanting to lose all her curves.

“I like meat on my bones,” Hudson told Oprah Winfrey in 2011. “A [size] 2 and a 0, that’s not for me.” It was also not easy for Jennifer when she first embarked on her weight loss journey. “I had to break my diet mentality,” she told Self magazine. “I used to deprive myself, thinking that was healthy. I didn’t eat pasta, fried food, red meat. I hadn’t had pizza in 10 years. If you’re on a strict diet that says you shouldn’t have any carbs or this or that, your body won’t function the way it should.”

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The voice is here ! It means that much more to me cuz here at JHUD productions , we don't forget where we came from ! To think I started out on a platform like this ! Remember guys nothing is "Just" happy voice day !!

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Today, the mother-of-one looks better than ever — and still manages to treat herself. “I always have to have chocolate around — it’s my cigarette. I don’t smoke but it calms me so well,” she told Yahoo! Style.