She’s not going anywhere! Despite blowing everyone’s literal mind when Vicki Gunvalson accused Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd of being a cocaine user during the Season 13 reunion, it looks like the show plans on keeping both stars on for Season 14, no matter how hard they have to try. Kelly had recently threatened to quit the gig over Vicki’s comment, but according to Radar Online, fans should expect to see both women back on the small screen next year.

On Dec. 6, a production insider who spoke with Radar Online had some reassuring news for fans who were wondering both Vicki and Kelly’s fates on the show. “Vicki is not getting fired, and Kelly [Dodd] is not going to quit,” the source revealed. “Kelly got super upset in the heat of the moment. But the higher-ups are coaxing Kelly into staying because they need the drama for next season.” Of course they do, this is reality TV, here!

But it turns out that Kelly’s motives for staying with the show are a little purer than we all thought –– yes, the show gives her a whole set of fans, but it also allows her more of an opportunity to reach out to people in need. “Kelly is appreciative of the fanbase that the show has given her and she is also very grateful that it allows her to give back in terms of charity work, such as her work with the soup kitchen,” the source added. We love a charitable housewife!

Ultimately though, it remains to be seen what these two women will do next season when left to their own devices. Clearly, there’s a lot left to discuss between the two of them. Who knows if they’ll ever actually even hash it out? “Either way, neither of the ladies are going anywhere and the claws are going to come out like never before on Season 14,” the source revealed, and we are so ready. Looks like you two need to talk, ladies!

Ugh, is it time for next season yet? Call us when RHOC comes back out to play!