It’s no surprise that Kylie Jenner’s now-infamous $360 brush set caused major controversy on the Internet. The astronomical price left fans everywhere wondering if they should really drop hundreds of dollars. To help, beauty YouTubers like the always honest — and sometimes shady — Jeffree Star spilled the tea on the new line of brushes. Keep scrolling for some highlights!

On the super high price point:

jeffree star youtube

“I think I know about makeup brushes and I also manufacture and create makeup and brushes and I know the real cost of everything, so the truth is about to be unveiled,” he said. “For $360, I am very curious why this is, I call it ‘vegan leather.’ It’s like a plastic faux leather. It’s obviously not real. This does feel very cheap. So I’m going to start this review off by saying, this feels like it’s from the Dollar Tree.”

On the weird packaging:

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“To me, the silver kind of dinky packaging is not doing it for me,” he said. “It almost looks like, I’m looking at this tin foil. It looks like the s–t they did in Signs.”

On Kylie defending the price:

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“I was a little shook, I gotta be honest,” he said, referencing a tweet Kylie posted. “I’m gonna read that to you guys one more time: ‘I always fight for the lowest price on all my products.’ What is there to fight about if it’s your brand? You choose the price that they’re sold at… I don’t think these brushes cost that much to make.”

He also threw some shade at the 20-year-old — who only started her cosmetics line in the past two years — for comparing herself to some of the biggest names in beauty. “A little history lesson, Kevyn Aucoin was an iconic makeup artist in the ’90s,” he explained. “He put out books that have changed the entire makeup game and he is an iconic legend. So I am a little peeved that someone who has had a makeup line for such a short amount of time is comparing themselves to an iconic legend. Girl, you better chill.”

On the brushes themselves:

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“The foundation is laid, definitely took a lot longer than normal. My wrist is like ‘Oh Jesus,’” he said, noting that the natural hair bristles required him to blend his foundation multiple times. When talking about the concealer brush, he said, “Let’s go in with this for a second. We’re already hating it, no I’m just kidding. But I would never apply my concealer with this brush, and as you see, this is not blending.”

Though they weren’t a total flop, it’s clear that the near $400 price tag for 16 brushes is high. And other influencers like Manny MUA and Laura Lee also knocked the products, which may explain why every single brush on Kylie’s website is still in stock — something we’re sure the mom-to-be, whose inventory usually sells out within minutes, is not used to seeing.