Sure you can find awesome ideas for new products you want to buy on ABC’s Shark Tank, but it’s also a good place to learn new things about your fave celebs, apparently! For example, Alex Rodriguez was a guest shark on the Nov. 25 episode of the hit show, and he surprisingly opened up about one of his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez‘s, nightly habits. We gotta be honest, guys, we didn’t expect this from her!

It all started with a presentation from a ketogenic cookie company called Nui. Alex tried the treat, and he was totally into it. When he went to make an offer, he revealed that he’s personally invested in the idea thanks to his ladylove J.Lo. “I happen to know a woman that loves cookies and I mean loves,” he confided to the duo of entrepreneurs. “Jennifer eats a cookie every night before she goes to bed.”

Alex Rodrigues With Nui on Shark Tank
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J.Lo is a 49-year-old mother of two with the most insane body we’ve ever seen. Seriously, you could do laundry on her washboard abs, and her booty has inspired Instagram models worldwide. So, we never would have guessed that she indulges in cookies on a nightly basis! But hey, it’s all about moderation, right?

In the past, J.Lo has gushed about sticking to organic, healthy snacks and chomping on fruits and veggies as much as she can. Plus, she avoids alcohol, smoking, and caffeine. However, she has been known to love a good treat, and A-Rod actually dished on her fave sweet dishes once before on The View. When the ladies asked him to share her guilty pleasure, he said, “She would kill me if I said too much, but she loves chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.” Well hey, if it works for her, here’s hoping it can work for us! But maybe we should go for those healthy ones A-Rod invested in.