As many fans know, Duggar family members aren't allowed to kiss their significant others until their wedding day. So Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's wedding photos more than likely documented their very first kisses — if not the first. But their lack of experience isn't the reason one particular photo looks extremely odd. An eagle-eyed fan on reddit pointed out the major Photoshop fail, and once you see it, you totally can't unsee it. Watch the video above to check it out for yourself!

The redditor, ashleyk94, took to the platform to share her discovery with other fans. "So I was browsing Jessa and Ben's official wedding album today on the TLC website… and I came across this picture of Jessa's nose as a triangle and weirdly elongated lips… UMM. What," the user wrote. Many quickly took to the comments to express their opinions. "I'm more focused on the fact their lips aren't touching," one said, while another fan added, "I didn't even notice the horrendous photoshopping of her face because I couldn't stop focusing on how their lips aren't even touching. The horrible photoshopping makes her look like Michelle sooooo it really looks like Michelle is kissing Ben's chin."

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Jessa and Ben tied the knot back in November 2014, and after nearly three and a half years of marriage, the mom-of-two is still reminding us of her wedding day. Just last year, to celebrate her husband's birthday, she reminisced about the day on their blog. "We were happily married and off on our honeymoon!," she wrote. "Life together had begun, and it was wonderful. It's only gotten sweeter since! That's not to say that every day is easy. Marriage is blissful, but it is also hard work — and by God's grace, you work at it harder than anyone else I know. I thank God for giving me you." We wonder if she and Ben noticed the weird Photoshop mistake in their cherished wedding photo…

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